Lead Product Design & Product Manager, 2018 - 2019 (three months)

As the Design Lead and Product Manager I came in to implement agile process and establish a effective design system the team could roll out.

Creative Direction
Sharmadean Reid & Jon Parkinson
Jon Parkinson
In-house dev team

The Brief
Beautystack is a cross between Insatgram and Treatwell. A social platform to share, sell, and book beauty treatments. At a year old the start up was moving fast but hadn't established an efficient workflow or design system the team could work with. I was asked to come onboard and bring structure.  
The Result
First, I worked with the CEO and teams of developers and designers, individually and as a group, to explore better ways of working and how they could move forward and scale better. Together we implemented a bespoke agile process tailored to their needs. The company moved faster, with purpose and meaning. We also saw improvements in team happiness and wellbeing, crucial at a rapid growth period. Once the team could function as a sustainable ecosystem I moved onto creating a design system. A unified design system is essential to building better and faster; better because a cohesive experience is more easily understood by users, and faster because it gives a common language to work with. The benefits were seen across the company. It enables product reviews to focus on the actual concepts and experiences of a design, rather than padding, colours and type choices. This system also enabled me to prototype and experiment with ideas in high fidelity faster and at a lower cost.

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