Progression compass

Self reflection and progression are key to the development of my practice. Below are the segments that make a great Product Designer and how I believe I stack up against them.

01 Competent, 02 Proficient, 03 Expert, 04 Master

Design citizenship — doing the important things that aren't just cool new projects: interviewing, mentoring, improving processes and evolving tools across a design team.
Collaboration — is everything. It’s working well with others within and across teams. Effective communication, inviting feedback, helping others and humility are all key.
Leadership — the owning of projects and processes end-to-end. Driving them to completion, proactively finding high leverageable problems and initiating thoughtful solutions.
Impact — getting things done. Fail fast, prioritize the right work to maximize value and follow through.
Craft expertise — produce high quality design work. Balancing usability, beauty, relevance and delight.

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          Be kind     —     Collabrate     —     Do great work     —     Trust your colleagues     —     Strive for better     —     Foster independent teams     —     Lead