Trading has an ugly past. Stereotypes like those in The Wolf of Wall Street dominate people's perception of the industry. While many cases are well deserved, there are some exceptions, one of the latest and most innovative, is the app from Pelican Trading.

Pelican holds a unique regulatory license which allows them to provide trade execution and peer-to-peer messaging on the same platform. For the first time making trading accessible, educational and transparent to everyone. Users are able to join or set up groups, post their trade ideas and discuss risks VS reward, or anything in between. Anyone’s free to copy trades or challenge them. Whether someone's serious about making big money or just wants to see what the fuss is about, Pelican helps you find the very best traders to follow, groups to join and keep track of your trading journey. All in an open and transparent format. No other trading app does all this.

I worked with a small team of developers, stakeholders, investors and founders to make improvements to the app. It’s been 18 months, here’s what I learned.