Jon Parkinson
Digital Product Designer

I design digital products and help organisations big and small connect with their audience.

My career has taken me across the world. I’ve worked for international tech and strategy startups, fashion houses in central London, and for NGO projects traveling across the Atlantic ocean.

I studied illustration and moved into digital product design. My education and experiences provide me with a unique set of skills that allow me to approach work objectively and thoughtfully produce the best work for the needs of the client.

I’m available for new opportunities.

Beautystack Coming Soon
Identity, App

Proposed conceptual UI redesign for the beauty booking start up; Beautystack.

Pelican Trading
Campaign, Identity, App

House Seven
Identity, Website

Mechanical Gardens
Exhibition, Development, Website

Soho House & Co

Identity, Promotion, Website

Listed Lido
Identity, Print

Holy Toto

Judges’ Dining Room
Identity, Print