Listed Lido

Graphic Design

Promotional flyer design for Listed Lido Theatre Company, detailing events at historical sites across the UK.

Creative Direction
Jessica Rachel Manley
Jon Parkinson, Josh Walsh, Nick McQueen, Hendrik Schneider & Till Janz

The Brief
Listed Theatre was launched as a way of making use of unconventional spaces. The leaflet listed a series of plays that took place in abandoned lidos across the UK. The design referenced the history of Crown Pool Lido, translating the Lido’s distinct architectural feature, such as large pool clocks and typefaces, into fun graphical forms.
The Result
The A5 to A3 fold out print was widely distributed helping to inform and attract large numbers of attendants, and was even a talking point at several of the plays. The single spot colour print was an affordable solution for client looking to make innovative work affordably.

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