Mechanical Gardens

Digital Design & Development, 2014
The design and build of a conceptual website for the exhibition Mechanical Gardens and Other Long Encores at the Woodmill Gallery London.

Creative Direction
Naomi Pearce
Jon Parkinson & Josh Walsh
Jon Parkinson

The Brief
Inspired by a speculative diagram drawn by the late pyrotechnic sculptor Stephen Cripps, Mechanical Gardens and Other Long Encores was an exhibition staged at the Woodmill Gallery in 2015. As well as providing exhibition information the site also holds texts and images, which were written, created, and inspired by Stephen Cripps. The site was an extension of the exhibition, designed in collaboration with Josh Walsh and built by myself.
The Result
The result was a visually conceptual and functional website which included texts, audio clips, and images. The site provided a valuable resource for the gallery, allowing the general public to access relevant information and further explore the artworks long after the end of the exhibition. The one page site is simple but a visual feast.

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