My values

Be kind. Collabrate. Do great work. Trust your colleagues. Strive for better. Foster independent teams. Lead.

My principles


Be bold

Be curious, bold and rise to a challenge. Be experimental in your approach to ensure you learn faster and become confident to take calculated risks.

Take decision-making responsibilities seriously, canvassing and considering all relevant points of view before debating possible approaches. Its important when you make an informed decision to take ownership of what needs to be done, seeking support from others to be successful.

Data should inspire and drive you — seek it out wherever you can in every form. It’s not just something you use to measure success, or something to solely rely on when making decisions.  

Users first

Everything you do revolves around your users and solving their problems.

Define your strategies, objectives, solutions and stories around the user. Striving to get in front of them at every opportunity to undertake qualitative user research, allows you to better understand their problems and validate potential solutions.

Designs should start with copy, as the way you talk to users to — inform, inspire, and educate, is key to provide the perfect experience.

Master your craft

Strive to be known in the industry for how you solve problems, take pride in what you do as well as what you produce. Believe in continually learning and as a result, evolve the way you work to build product offerings.

Properly defining the user problem is equally as important as building the solution and navigating the path to solving that problem. Do not stop until you know the problem is solved.

Design ahead to outline a vision, but build an MVP to deliver value faster and gain insights quickly. Your work should be brilliantly useful — take pride in delivering products that delight users and shows them you care.

My design

What makes it first, is it focused?
Consistency over reinventing
Distinctive but always challenge

What does creative success look like?
Does the entire business understand?

What makes a good design — great?

Is it distinctive? Is it relevant? Is it memorable? Does it have depth? Is it extendable?


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          Be kind     —     Collabrate     —     Do great work     —     Trust your colleagues     —     Strive for better     —     Foster independent teams     —     Lead