Pelican Trading

Product Design
2017 - 2018

Senior Product Designer, user experience and interaction design, and product management for the fin-tech start-up Pelican Trading, the only regulated trading app in the world where you can chat and trade on the same platform.

Creative Direction
Mike Read, Peter Read & Jon Parkinson
Jon Parkinson
Mike Noble & the in-house dev team

The Brief
As crypto currencies and trading become household discussions, the need for market and trade education has never been greater. Pelican is uniquely placed, as they are the only FCA regulated app with peer-to-peer messaging and trade execution on the same platform. This enables them to empower expert mentors and beginner traders to discuss trading in an accessible, instinctive way. I came on-board during their second round of funding to breathe life into a seemingly academic and complex experience.

The Result
Trading comes with some classic misconceptions, I chose to tackle these head-on and embrace the city boy stereotype, designing an app that is approachable and embraces its roots. The whole point of Pelican is to make trading; easier to understand, fun, approachable, modern, educational, and most importantly, allowing the user to take control of their finances. Stripping back all the complexities and as many confusing figures as I could, I used colours and visual keys to help the user understand the absolute basics. Bold green and red colours indicate profits and losses, fun badges and visual charts show progress and add an element of competition. I made USP’s more accessible and tailored their user experience to allow instinctive interactions that unlocked features. This kept the app fresh and the users engaged each time they came back. Trading is deep and complex, but with a instinctive user experience, a clean interface, and content that grows with the user, they proudly stand out from the crowd and lead the way for a modern, truly social trading experience.

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